Smart Good Things


Act for Good

With our Smart Good Things drinks, we propose the first-ever consumer food product combining deliciousness, naturalness and solidarity.

Smart Good Things health benefits

Delicious, natural drinks

Our ultra-easy, up-to-the-minute drink mixes are rich in vitamins and minerals. As such, they offer an alternative to mindless consumption.

Smart Good Things health benefits
Our manifesto
Smart Good Things benefits for the environment

The Consum'Action revolution

Imagined to significantly reduce the carbon footprint and costs related to water transport, bulky containers as well as marketing, 25% of net turnover collected by Smart Good Things SAS is directly donated to support our partners' solidarity commitments and causes.

Smart Good Things benefits for the environment
Smart Good Things : a good way to feel good/better
*A great way to feel good.
**25% of net turnover donated by Smart Good Things SAS.

(Re)kindle a desire for living together

Our drinks take on the colours of our partners, who are all committed to the vitality of the social link, in fields such as sport, culture, humanitarian associations as well as environmental and biodiversity protection. It's through them and through our foundation that this generous model is disseminated and through which we wish to make an impact.

Just drink and enjoy

A stick, cold water and a bit of time is all you need to delight in our delicious drinks. Pleasure to enjoy at home, at work or while doing sport!

Pour the stick into the desired recipient
Pour the contents of the Smart Good Things stick
Shake or mix the drink and enjoy
Smart Good Things sticks

The Consum'Action revolution begins here!

Free from artificial colouring
Natural flavours
Low calorie content
Easy to prepare