Deliciousness, naturalness and solidarity

Through our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, partners and experts, we propose the first-ever consumer food product combining deliciousness, naturalness, and solidarity.

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Our ultra-easy, up-to-the-minute drink mixes, developed following 12 years of R&D, are rich in vitamins and minerals. As such, they offer an alternative to mindless consumption.
Find the perfect drink to suit your mood by choosing from our ranges of coffees, teas, elixirs, nectars, etc.

Our products, made from natural ingredients are imagined to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of individual drinks thanks to their very small volume.
A few moves is all it takes to make a can- or bottle-sized drink with a 2-to-3 gram stick.

Smart Good Things Mojito made with natural ingredients
A stick = a drink (can or bottle)
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Act for Good

These incredibly smart products will be distributed hand-in-hand with players committed to the vitality of the social link around the world.
Whether it's in the field of sport, culture, associations or even environmental and biodiversity protection, all our partners champion this benevolent drink. Smart Good Things intends to be a label that stands for quality, low environmental footprint, wellness, innovation and generosity.

Because we're convinced that every single consumer has the ability to play an active role in bringing about a fairer world whilst enjoying themselves, we propose a breakthrough regenerative Consum'Action model where 25% of net turnover collected by Smart Good Things SAS is invested to support solidarity commitments and causes.
To ensure absolute security and transparency as to the nature and transfer of the 25%, the "Smart Good Foundation" endowment fund is currently being created to ensure the proper use of the funds dedicated to the general interest projects of Smart Good Things' partners.

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Our mutual aim: to reinvent consumption through smart, good, generous products in order to (re)kindle a desire for living together.

Smart Good Things

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